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Educating the world about Autistic Culture and empowering other Autistic people around the world!

Spring 2020 Kennesaw State University Research Symposium

My Experience with “Peer Buddy” Programs

[Image description: A support worker walking a wheelchair user across the street. Someone on the street tells the support worker, “you’re doing God’s work!”. The person in the wheelchair asks “can we go by the strip club?” and the support worker answers, “sure!”.] A very common thing that is done in local communities is aContinue reading “My Experience with “Peer Buddy” Programs”


Hello! My name is Ira Eidle. I am a young Autistic Self-Advocate, a performer, and a writer. I am hoping to make content that is both informative and entertaining. You will see me post a lot of my opinions on here, but you will also get a taste of how I am using theatre to push for autism acceptance and appreciation and to celebrate neurodiversity. You can learn more about me and view my completed work as well as look at what I am currently working on in the tabs. You can find the work and resources of other Autistic and Disability Activists in the “Resources” tab.

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